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We are a brand activation agency specialising in sampling, experiential, sponsorship and branding campaigns.

We work with the largest and most famous consumer exhibitions in the UK. We have a small and highly professional team with over 60 years’ combined experience in sampling and marketing. Our Director has worked in below the line sampling and identified sponsorship opportunities for 15 years and has helped large and sometimes very new brands get noticed as part of major advertising campaigns across the board.


Our Sales Team

We have worked together for over 15 years and our sponsorship solutions team are specialists in creating new and exciting possibilities for a whole range of clients: Our motto is “Value is perception not a calculation, it is something a customer feels not something a company proves”.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create a joint method of brand awareness whether as a headline sponsor for a leading UK event or a method of sampling to exactly the right people at the right time for their campaign.

Our Distribution Team

At all events we have well-appointed pick up points with clear signage around the show 

Our liveried distribution team who have worked with us for over 10 years fully understand how to respond to the show visitors, answering any questions or queries politely and effectively, often managing big queues which at times are numbering hundreds of people waiting to collect their goody bags to take home with them as their parting gift from the show,“Leaving them with a feeling of being valued”.

Meet the Brand Planet Team

Petya Kostova
Account Manager

Petya is one of the newest members of our team and says that ‘working for Brand Planet is the most exciting job she has ever had’ as she is able to use her creative skills in putting plans together for our clients and seeing them in action. Outside of work, Petya loves to relax, socialise and spend time with her family, especially her 21 year old son.

Jules Parrish
Sales Executive

Although a newcomer to the company Jules has worked in sales and marketing for many years in different roles. Jules’ experience in sales enables her to understand our client’s focus and deliver this through a high level of service. Jules loves spending time with her family in her spare time.

Eva Rybak
Senior Campaign Manager

Eva is an established and experienced member of the team having worked in the business for 6 years. Eva works closely with both small start up brands and some of the biggest brands in the world today, helping them launch NPD into the market and ensure their products are sampled to the most suitable target audience. In her spare time, Eva enjoys spending time with her family exploring the beautiful UK countryside.

Lyn Christmas
Distribution Director & Account Manager

Lyn has worked in the events industry for over 20 years, and has proudly worked here for 12 years in a dual role. When Lyn is not on-site overseeing the distribution alongside John, she is one of the account managers who help brands find relevant sampling/marketing activities to reach their target demographic. Lyn’s main interests are spiritualism, healing, and anything to do with angels. There isn’t a room in Lyn’s house that you won’t find an angel of some kind.

Lindsey Sharp
Account Manager

Having worked in the business for 8 years, Lindsey oversees accounts receivable, accounts payable and credit control functions. Lindsey really enjoys the varied and challenging role and has learnt many new skills and is actively encouraged to implement new systems & ideas she has by our CEO, to assist the smooth running of the company. In Lindsey’s spare time she enjoys swimming, angling, exercise classes and spending time with her Family.

Vesco Kachanov
Logistics Manager

Vesco has has managed the warehouses and logistics at Brand Planet for over 10 years and his main duties include packing and managing the packing team, deliveries and arranging distribution at all exhibition centres before the sampling campaigns go live. Vesco has enjoyed watching the company grow and expand during his time here. Vesco boasts being the ‘busiest person in the team at Brand Planet’ In his free time, Vesco enjoys all country life pursuits.

John Ellis
Distribution Manager

John has worked in the promotional/marketing industry for the past 20 years and for Brand Planet for the last 12 of those years. John manages the onsite distribution of the goody bags at all the events and ensures everything runs smoothly from start to finish. When John is not on-site, he enjoys renovating his 2 Ford Capris, which are the loves of his life. (not sure his wife would agree!!)

Shirley & Archie
Motivational Coaches

The role of the motivational coach is one of the most important roles within the business here at Brand Planet. Shirley and Archie often find themselves on the end of many pats and cuddles after a busy day in the office supporting the team. Many of their past time activities include napping, barking and also heading out for long walks when not needed in the office.

Amie Tinsley
Sales Director

Amie has worked at Brand Planet for 7 years and supports and trains the sales team in managing their workload and suggesting different ideas around all things sampling. Amie thrives in ensuring that the team understands their clients’ focus for their brands. Amie is also a Mum to very cheeky three-year-old little girl, so when not working, Amie is often running around after her (which is by far the harder of the two jobs!).

Chloe Elson
Sales Executive

Chloe is one of the newest members of the team here at Brand Planet and is loving her new journey and future career. Chloe comes from a background of Retail Management of 19 years, so has a vast amount of experience with brands. Chloe is a real people person and is enjoying branching out to new clients for Brand Planet. Chloe is also a Mum to a little boy, so her hobbies are very little but likes to spend time with family and her dog Marnie.

John Williams
Logistics Director

John co-founded Brand Planet with Suzanna Clark in October 2011, starting with small shows & delivering the packed goody bags in a van. Business soon took off and was growing rapidly with bigger warehouses and larger vehicles being required to cope with growth of the business. In his spare time, John likes to train Labrador retriever dogs and also enjoys fishing & clay pigeon shooting when not managing the day-to-day logistics of the business for Brand Planet. John has had to learn to delegate as it became impossible to keep in control of everything logistically & having a Manager & a packing team that provides time to switch off now & then.

Suzanna Clark

Suzanna co-founded Brand Planet in 2011 and is proud to say that we have exclusive contracts with many of the biggest consumer events, gyms and student partners in the UK. This enables us to offer very targeted sampling opportunities to our clients and to reach large numbers of consumers in a relaxed leisure time settings. Suzanna is responsible for the overall management of the business, works hard for her clients and takes great pride in offering unique targeted campaigns that may of our clients reap the benefits of year on year. When not working (not often) Suzanna enjoys spending time with her horse; Betty, and her family and close friends.

Corporate photography by Liz Greenhalgh

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