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Carex University Sampling 2023

In April 2023 we started distribution of 920,808 Carex hand sanitiser samples to University Students across the UK.  Below are some of the feedback comments we received from the students on the Carex product:

“The Carex is going really fast, and a few have commented how much nicer it smells compared to others”
Sabina – Sanctuary Students 

“Brand Planet has done it again and given us a major amount of freebies including Carex which has been received really well by our students and prospective students as it is a good hook in for the College to work with new audiences”
Gemma – Student FM

“I would like to say that on behalf of the students at the University of Sheffield the Carex product was extremely high quality and has been very popular”
Andrew – Sheffield University

“We were using another hand sanitiser product but we’ve had comments that the carex packaging is easier to store and dries quicker on their hands which the students loved. The delivery of the products was fast and efficient in unloading around the properties with all items arriving on time”
Nicola – Dwell

“After Covid we have seen a massive jump in the number of people using hand sanitiser. The Carex we received was a handy size which is easy to carry.  A lot of people were familiar with the Carex name and said that this is a brand that they trust. The gel is easy to apply and dries really quickly and it doesn’t make your hands dry and horrid like some of the other brands”
Samantha – Solent University 

“The Carex hand gel was really well received by our students – thanks again!”
Nicola – Swansea University

“The students found the Carex hand gel really useful. Many thanks  for sending them to our accommodations and sport centres”
Claire – Bradford University

“Firstly we’d like to thank you for delivering the Carex hand gel to our accommodation. Naturally since covid the use of sanitizers have been implemented into our every routine so this product has been incredibly popular amongst not only the student but the staff also. The scent of the gel smells great and soaks into the skin quickly – I highly recommend”
Alison – Lincoln University





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