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Pop Works University Sampling 2023

In March & April 2023 we distributed 400,000 Pop Works samples & leaflets to University Students throughout the UK. Here are some wonderful testimonials we would like to share with you:

“Pop Works, the students absolutely love them as do some of the staff lol”
Sabina – Sanctuary Students

“Brand Planet are absolutely brilliant to deal with. Through their innovative ideas and can-do attitude we have been able to deliver a more effective student communication strategy. Their freebies such as Pop Works have been a good addition to events as we have been able to give them away to hook in prospective students or to keep existing students more engaged”
Gemma – Student FM

“The Pop Works went down a treat! The residents really enjoyed them, loved they were big bags and were asking for more. 
I tried them myself and can say they taste great! like healthy Doritos”
Devon – Iconinc 

“On behalf of the students at the University of Sheffield the Pop Works products have been extremely popular and are so scrumptious we can definitely recommend them”
Andrew – Sheffield University

Testimonial for Pop Works Crisps:

“The Pop Works crisps went down a treat at Sheffield Students’ Union. From passing comments, I think the green ones were certainly the most popular and people kept coming back for more.”
Mel – Sheffield Students Union

“The Pop works went down really well with all of our students, they couldn’t believe they were free at first but loved the product and managed to get some good social content from it as well. They seemed to favour the Sweet Chipotle Chilli in case you need to know. The delivery of the products was fast and efficient in unloading around the properties with all items arriving on time”
Nicola – Dwell 

“An amazing new product that is not fried.  All of the flavours are gluten free with a couple being gluten free and vegan which has proved very popular with students on site.  The bags are of a great size and the packaging is brightly coloured which looks great. The sweet & salty flavour tastes just like popcorn”
Samantha – Solent University 

“The Pop Works crisps were really well received by our students – thanks again!”
Nicola – Swansea University 

“The students loved the PW crisps especially the chipotle flavour! Can we get some more please?”
Claire – Bradford University 

“The Popworks have gone down great with our students. Great selection of flavours that pack a punch ! Noted by some of the students as a health alternative, Thank you for  this product drop”
Alison – Lincoln University

We put a survey out for students to fill and got a few quotes from students below:

“I like all of them, but the chilly flavour has it all – little spicy, yet still sweet and tasty. POPWORKS really know how to make quality snacks”
Ivo – Trinity Square – Northumbria University

“Honestly didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. They’re really nice!”
Aidan – New Bridge Street – Northumbria University 

“Pink ones 10/10”
Charlie – Glenamara house – Northumbria University 




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